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Welcome to LoCO2! We're an independent renewable energy supplier with a big heart. You don't have to jump through hoops to speak to us either: our dedicated in-house team of advisors are always happy to help you out.

UK Dam Locations

Proudly investing in British hydropower.

Our vision is to bring about a low carbon Britain by championing sustainable small-scale hydropower. By joining us as a LoCO2 customer you are helping us to further invest in new renewable energy projects. We currently own and operate 9 hydropower stations and the renewable energy they produce is passed through the national grid and onto you, the end user, giving you greater transparency as to the origin of your power.

Care for our planet

Better for your pocket and our planet

Our mission is to make LoCO2 Energy the preferred energy supplier for ethically and green-minded consumers by producing and selling sustainable energy at sensible prices. We believe that renewable energy should be affordable to all hence we have a simple range of green tariffs to suit all pockets, from our 100% green tariff, to our low-cost, low carbon tariffs sourced from a minimum of 50% green energy.

Our fuel mix

Our 100% renewable fuel mix

At LoCO2 Energy we are committed to investing in the UK's renewable energy industry. During the last year we have continued to increase our supply portfolio both from our own hydropower stations and independent generators, resulting in a 100% renewable company fuel mix for 2015/16.

We also supply 10% of gas from Biomethane. For those of you who aren't aware, Biomethane is a 100% renewable source produced by the natural breakdown of organic material such as household and agricultural waste.