10 Amazing facts about renewable energy

The global transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy is well underway, with remarkable developments happening every day. Energy from the sun, wind, rain and geothermal heat are playing an ever increasing role in our energy mix and helping to reduce emissions given off by traditional fossil fuels. Below are our 10 amazing facts about renewable energy:

  • 1.Renewable energy has been around since 200BC when Europeans were harnessing water energy to power mills. The water wheel powered many industrial processes such as; crushing grain, shaping iron and sawing wood. Today, renewable energy powers millions of homes and businesses across the world.
  • 2.In 1921 Albert Einstein won a nobel prize for his ground breaking experiments with solar energy (specifically, his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect). So without Einstein modern day solar panels may not have been possible.
  • 3. In 2015, 99% of Costa Rica's electricity came from renewables! Costa Rica has a wealth of renewable sources to choose from and has the target of becoming carbon neutral by 2021.
  • 4.The world's first commercial hydroelectric plant began operation in 1882. The 'Vulcan street plant' in Wisconsin generated approximately 12.5 Kw, enough to power a home and a couple of paper mills. Our first hydroelectric station at LoCO2 Energy was 'Balgonie' and it was built in 1999.
  • 5.In 2015 Denmark produced 42% of its electricity from wind turbines, which is the highest figure recorded worldwide.
  • 6.In 2014, every 2:30 minutes a new solar energy system was installed in the US. This resulted in the US becoming the fifth highest country on the solar PV capacity global rankings for 2014.
  • 7.The 'Vestas V164' is the world's largest capacity wind turbine, with a capacity of 8MW, which is enough to power 7500 average homes. Each blade is 80 metres long!
  • 8.Contrary to popular belief solar panels will work when it's cloudy and raining.
  • 9.The UK has a target to deliver 15% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. According to an EEA report in 2014 the UK is on track to meet its targets.
  • 10.In 14.5 seconds the sun provides as much energy to earth as humanity uses in a day. In other words it would be fantastic if we could harness this energy to its full potential.