Direct Debits Explained

What are direct debits?

Direct Debits are a good way to manage the balance of your account, paying a fixed sum every month. This amount is taken automatically from your bank account on the agreed day. As long as your usage remains consistent, this will ensure that no payments are missed and you don't unwittingly end up with debt on your account.

Direct debits with LoCO2 Energy

As of 8th March 2017, new customers pay their first direct debit on the start of supply date, with all subsequent payments being set up for the same day of each month. The start of supply date is usually 17 days after you make the application to join us. For this reason it could be worth considering this when you are switching to us to make sure that your start of supply falls on a day which works for you as your monthly payment date.

For example, if you apply to switch to us on 1st January, your start of supply will be 17 days later on 18th January. Your first direct debit goes out on this date, with all future payments occurring on the 18th of each month hereafter.

This is applicable for all LoCO2 Energy tariffs where customers pay by direct debit.