Renewable energy from LoCO2

Below is our Ofgem approved company fuel mix for 2015/16 and how we compare to the national average.

We also source 10% of our gas from Biomethane. For those of you who aren't aware, Biomethane is a 100% renewable source produced by the natural breakdown of organic material such as household and agricultural waste.

UK National Average

Our Fuel Mix
CO2 Emissions: 290g per kWh
Radioactive Waste: 0.007g per kWh

Where does our renewable energy comes from?

Where our power comes from
CO2 Emissions: 0g per kWh
Radioactive Waste: 0g per kWh

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is simple enough: the electricity we need every day, created by sources which are naturally replenished. There is no strict definition of what renewable energy is and debate rages about which sources can produce renewable energy. Common types of renewable energy include: wind, hydro and solar. Other less common forms include biomass, biofuel and anaerobic digestion.

Why switch to Renewables?

Switching to a renewable energy supplier is perhaps the most fundamental step a consumer can take to reduce their carbon footprint. It's the first and easiest step on the road to a low-carbon future. By switching to renewable energy we can take some personal responsibility to reduce our CO2 emissions and be kind to our planet.