Why switch to us?

Sensibly priced renewable energy

Sensibly priced renewable energy We don’t charge the excessive margins that other suppliers do


Choice We have a range of different tariffs to suit your budget

No cancellation fees

No cancellation fees On our variable tariffs

Ethical business accreditation

Ethical business accreditation We treat our customers fairly and honestly

Choice of payment options

Choice of payment options Direct debit, standing order or payment on receipt of bill

Customer service

Customer service Our team of customer service agents and direct access to other energy experts allow you to speak to the people who matter, as soon as you need them

1 Choose your tariff

You can find out more about our domestic and business tariffs on our website. Or you can go straight to our comparison service by entering your postcode into the box above and get a personal comparison of our prices against your existing tariff. Remember that when choosing any tariff it is important to look beyond the price alone to see what other benefits switching your energy supplier may offer. Are you comparing dual fuel, electricity or gas only? Is it a fixed or rolling contract? Are there any early exit fees associated with that tariff? How do you pay for and manage your account? What is the percentage of renewable energy?

2 Accept

Once you are happy with the tariff you can either accept the switch in energy supplier online through our online switching service, or call one of our Customer Service Agents who can complete the process with you over the phone. They will take you through a short verbal contract confirming that you are happy to switch to renewable energy supply, or if you are completing the process online you will be asked to click a box to confirm you accept our terms and Conditions. At this stage we verify your details including the bank account details you have supplied to set up your direct debit.

3 Receive Confirmation

If switching your energy supplier online you will receive an email confirming the tariff you have chosen and the price you will be paying. A few days later you will receive written confirmation through the post, notifying you of your 14-day cooling off period during which time you are within your rights to change your mind.

4 Cooling Off Period

The entire switch process of switching to our renewable energy supply now only takes 17 days, but for 14 of those days you still have the right to change your mind and cancel the switch. After this time you will be deemed to have accepted the contract and you will become a LoCO2 customer!

5 Start of Supply

17 days after you give us the go ahead to switch you become a LoCO2 customer. Throughout this period you will continue to receive your gas and/or electricity supply to your home, you will not be cut off. At this stage you will receive a 'start of supply' letter from us confirming your tariff and requesting a meter reading. It is really important that you submit this reading so that we know from the outset how much electricity and/or gas you are using. Regular meter readings are also beneficial as it enables us to bill you accurately.

6 Submit Meter Reading and Set Up Direct Debit

If you haven't already done so, this is the stage that you should submit a meter reading and set up your direct debit via a DD mandate that we will have sent you. Please bear in mind that if your Direct debit fails once, we will call you to give you the opportunity to review the details you have sent. If it fails twice we reserve the right to transfer you onto our standard variable contract and will request payment via alternative methods.

7 Statements are Sent Every Six Months

We send out a written statement for your renewable energy supply once every 6 months. If you would like to talk to somebody regarding your bills or change your statement preferences, you can contact our dedicated customer service team on 0330 124 1500.

Where our energy comes from

Our 100% renewable company fuel mix

At LoCO2 Energy we are committed to investing in the UK's renewable energy industry. During the last year we have continued to increase our supply portfolio both from our own hydropower stations and independent generators, resulting in a 100% renewable company fuel mix for 2015/16.

We also supply 10% of gas from Biomethane. For those of you who aren't aware, Biomethane is a 100% renewable source produced by the natural breakdown of organic material such as household and agricultural waste.