Our tariffs explained

Our current tariffs are available to view in full via a download below. They are broken down into standing charges and unit rates. For a personal quote as to how much you would pay on a monthly or annual basis please use our quotation tool above.

100% Green

Planet Fixed or Variable
Best for planet

The Planet tariff is available as a fixed or variable contract and was created for customers who are wholeheartedly committed to helping the environment. The electricity is sourced mainly from our own hydropower sites, complimented by some wind, solar and biofuels. Planet dual fuel customers are supplied with 90% natural gas and 10% from Biomethane to help lower your CO2 footprint.

Saving you money

Fixed vs Variable Tariffs

Our tariffs are available as either a fixed term 12 month contract or as a variable rolling contract. What's the difference? Think of it in terms of a mortgage. With a fixed rate you are buffeted against any changes in the wholesale prices of electricity and gas for the term of your contract (usually 12 months) as you pay a fixed unit rate. Note that your monthly bill will still vary according to how much energy you use, but the cost per unit of energy you consume will not change. At the end of your fixed term contract we will write to you offering you the choice of either a new fixed contract or transferring onto a standard variable contract. For customers on a variable contract we reserve the right to either increase or decrease your unit rates, but we will always give you at least one month's written notice before we do so.

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